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Gemini App Manager APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version

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Gemini App Manager APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest VersionGemini App Manager is an across the board instrument to oversee applications introduced on your Android fueled telephone or the tablet. With this application, you can deal with your everything applications in a solitary place. Download Gemini App Manager APK petition for nothing to introduce the application and begin dealing with your applications the easy way. A portion of the components of this free application are recorded here.

Gemini App Manager APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version

Gemini App Manager Features

Records all introduced applications on your gadget

How about we you move your applications from interior stockpiling to outside SD card stockpiling (You needn’t bother with some other application like App2SD)

Demonstrates to you the amount CPU and RAM is being devoured by a solitary application

How about we you send out introduced applications as APK documents (to introduce them on different gadgets or to keep as reinforcements)

Gemini App Manager contains an inbuilt, intense errand executioner (You needn’t bother with any different application to slaughter foundation forms)

Cleverly investigates and demonstrates how much system is being utilized by any introduced application

Checks for particular authorizations on applications i.e. recognizes if any application has capacity of sending SMS and making calls

Slaughters applications running in foundation to free up RAM and CPU assets (makes your gadget quicker)

We should you uninstall applications and recreations adroitly from your gadget

Gemini App Manager contains an inbuilt application firewall

Checks the applications fit for auto-run include

There is an application cooler moreover

Clears reserve and leftover documents to free up capacity and enhance execution on your gadget

How about we you sort introduced applications in light of a few criteria

what’s more, numerous more elements!

On established Android gadgets, Gemini App Manager turns out to be to a great degree intense as it consequently enhances your Android gadget for execution. Additionally, you can oversee authorizations for certain applications too. On the off chance that any applications are able or auto-running, then you can handicap them by expelling from auto-run applications list if your gadget is established. In addition, firewall of the application additionally works just on established telephones and tablets. Gemini App Manager APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version.

Try not to stress if your gadget isn’t established. You can have a go at establishing it with the assistance of any establishing application like Framaroot or Kingroot. You can look for some establishing applications here on our market. In the event that you can’t root your gadget, still Gemini App Manager can play out every single other activity over introduced applications to substantiate itself one of the best application administration devices accessible on Android stage.

On the off chance that you are discovering it an extreme undertaking dealing with your introduced applications and diversions, then download APK record of Gemini App Manager and introduce the application on your gadget. You will have some more (propel) components when contrasted with the default application supervisor of Android OS. Download the document, introduce Gemini App Manager on your gadget and see it is possible that it ends up being superior to the default application chief or not.


(Any issue, please contact seasmind@gmail.com, so that we canget enough information to settle it. Much obliged!)

This is an extensive and effective apparatus to deal with your varityapps, with a straightforward UI to arrange most capacities in a solitary page,user can take care of most application issue effortlessly without changing from pageto page as other application does.

This application incorporates Risk sign, application Autorun Control(ROOT),App Firewall (ROOT), Task Killer, Move application 2 SD card(Android 2.2 orlater), Uninstaller, Backup apks to SD card, and so on. What’s more, in expertmode, you can channel and sort bundles by numerous helpful ways. Additionally itcan call root work naturally to show signs of improvement execution ifyour gadget is established.

Attempt this to check your applications, you may discover something you do notknow some time recently! :- )


Indicate application data

indicate application record estimate, RAM use, organize activity, CPU utilization (ROOT),package name, application measure, application date;

demonstrate which application can call active, or can convey SMS, or can usecamera, or can discover your area, can get to web, can autorunin foundation;

indicate which application is blocked/unblocked, is autorun settings modified,is framework application, is introduced on sdcard, has reinforcement, and so on;

Assignment supervisor (or called Taskiller)

Assignment slaughter capacity is utilized to end applications, freeup memory(RAM), stop movement/battery devouring from pointless applications toimprove execution of gadget. Bolster one key RAM advance, killby determination, and Force Kill (require ROOT);

Autorun supervisor (or called Autorun executioner, AutoStart manager,ROOT)

Autorun administration work, with which client can see which application canautostart (startup naturally in foundation without userinteractive), established client can empower/incapacitate application to run withcertain conditions.

AppOps chief (consent supervisor, ROOT)

Autorun administration work, with which client can see which application canautostart (startup consequently in foundation without userinteractive), established client can empower/impair application to run withcertain conditions.

Square/Unblock administrator (or called App Freezer)

Square unblock capacity is utilized to piece application to run and stow away appfrom launcher (desktop) application list. It is a decent approach to deal with appwhich is sometimes utilized or client need to conceal it from others;

Application Firewall (ROOT)

Android firewall capacity depends on linux framework firewall. With asimplify UI interface, permit client to empower/cripple certain application toaccess 2G/3G or Wifi, and it bolster clump config mode;


Move/clump move applications from telephone to SD card or from SD card to phone(Android 2.2 or later),

Consideration: Some Android4.x ROM has debilitated such capacity, so theapp2sd capacity may not work and may demonstrate “insufficient memory” errorin such case.

Uninstall App

Client can uninstall (evacuate application), bunch uninstall applications (ROOT)easily. Also, client can even uninstall framework/bloatware application (ROOT) inexpert mode;

See application points of interest

Can see application framework points of interest information (client can “Compel Stop”,”Uninstall”, “Clear Cache” in that page);

Clear application store,

Clear all application store with basic snap “Cear Cache” menu;

See application on market,

See application on market to see is there any refresh or rate application;

Sort applications by multi ways,

Can sort application by application name, application measure, RAM utilization, CPU usgae, networktraffic, bundle name, framework relative, introduce time, apppermission hazard, and so on;

Channel applications by multi courses (in Expert Mode),

Channel applications by running status, introduced areas, permissions,config status, custom channel, and so on.

Different elements,

Can seek application name/bundle name, set application default introduce location,save/reestablish application config settings, see operation log, match up settingswith Gemini Taskiller Widget, call Gemini Installer to installbackup/download apk records on sdcard by “Tap Here” catch;

Small application estimate

Gemini App Manager APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version

This application is just around 1M bytes, with incorporated such a variety of capacities.:- )


Updated: March 7, 2017 — 12:29 am
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