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Greenify Apk Free Download Latest Version

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Greenify Apk Free Download Latest VersionReleased Date : 2014-12-16
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Greenify Apk Free Download Latest Version

Greenify is one reason why establishing your telephone can spare so much battery life. Greenify can support battery life by a normal of 2-4 hours just by cleverly overseeing how applications keep running out of sight.

Greenify has for quite some time been one of the world’s most well known established applications. In 2014, Greenify’s designers figured out how to introduce the application on non-established gadgets, despite the fact that the non-established adaptation of the application isn’t almost as powerful at safeguarding battery life.

Today, in our Greenify survey, will clarify why Greenify stays one of the world’s most well known pull applications for Android clients.


Greenify is an Android application intended to safeguard battery life by confining foundation applications. Clients can decide to “Greenify” a specific application to keep it from running out of sight, arranging for RAM and CPU cycles.

Greenify was produced by Oasis Feng. It as of now holds a normal rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on the Google Play Store, where it’s been downloaded 1 million to 5 million circumstances.


Greenify is allowed to download. The designer offers a paid adaptation of the application for $2.99, in spite of the fact that it’s absolutely a “Gift” form of the application. All the center elements are incorporated into the free form, so the engineer simply made the $2.99 choice as a path for clients to demonstrate their appreciation.

Be that as it may, there are sure trial highlights accessible in the paid rendition of the application. These trial elements may interest some propelled clients, in addition to you get the additional advantage of liking yourself since you gave to a dedicated create.


Greenify viably solidifies certain Android applications. Greenify calls this solidifying procedure “hibernation”.

At the point when an application goes into hibernation, it quits running out of sight. It will no longer convey notices to your gadget. The application will just wakeful from hibernation when you tap on it (or expel it from your Greenify list).

You rest applications just by scratching them off your rundown from the principle Greenify menu. Like all great Android applications, Greenify is idiotically simple to utilize.

You know how when you open the application supervisor you see a catch that says Force Stop? Utilizing Greenify resembles squeezing that catch and ceaselessly squeezing that catch at whatever point an application tries to fire up.

The most effective method to USE GREENIFY

Utilizing Greenify is simple. Simply introduce it from the Google Play Store. At that point, open the application and tap the “Greenify” catch at the base of the page.

In the wake of tapping that catch, you’ll see the App Analyzer screen, which gives data about the applications as of now running out of sight on your gadget.

Applications are isolated into various classifications in light of when they run. You’ll see blue content underneath each application saying things like “Planned Running (since last startup) or “May back off the gadget when… ”

You can likewise get to the majority of your applications by tapping the three vertical spots in the upper right corner and checking the Show All case.

When you discover an application that you need to “Greenify”, simply tap your finger over top of it. It will get to be highlighted in blue.

At that point, simply tap the checkmark toward the side of your screen. Greenify will attempt to rest your applications. In case you’re utilizing the non-established adaptation of the application, you’ll need to navigate a couple cautioning messages and authorization demands.

Applications will likewise be rested according to the pattern in which they show up on the rundown.

Prominent applications to Greenify include:

– Facebook

– Twitter

– Dropbox or whatever other cloud benefit you utilize

– Your program

– Any applications that you don’t require always troubling you or running out of sight

I prescribe abstaining from resting framework applications, as it can bring about your telephone to crash. Before resting framework applications, do a brisk Google Search to check whether others have securely Greenified that application some time recently.


For the initial two years of its life, Greenify was a root-just application. It could be introduced on non-established telephones, despite the fact that it didn’t work by any means.

In 2014, that changed, and the engineers made Greenify accessible on non-established gadget. Utilizing Greenify without establishing can bring some battery sparing advantages, despite the fact that those advantages aren’t exactly as intense.

A standout amongst the most irritating parts of utilizing the non-established form of Greenify is that you need to physically affirm hibernation for each application each time it rests. The most ideal approach to get around this is to add the Greenify gadget to your home screen, and afterward simply tap that catch before you bolt your gadget. You need to do this inevitably, so it’s as yet irritating. Be that as it may, it’s less work serious than physically heading off to your application chief and tapping the Force Stop catch.

Still, I prescribe the established rendition of Greenify in case you’re searching for simple, consistent foundation hibernation of applications.


The question here isn’t should you introduce Greenify, yet why have you held up so long to introduce Greenify.

Greenify lets you effectively recoup lost battery life and it keeps irritating applications from exploding your telephone with warnings. In case you’re tired of applications taking your battery life and diverting you with pointless notices (I’m taking a gander at you, Twitter), then Greenify is a marvelous download for any established Android client.



Updated: February 4, 2017 — 12:21 am
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