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SuperSU APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version

SuperSU APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version 

Spy Human Tracker APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version

One Click Root APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version

SuperSU APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest VersionSuperSU deals with the Superuser get to (i.e for Framaroot and other establishing applications) on Android gadgets. It effectively deals with the entrance for Android applications and diversions. The application needs an established Android gadget. It prompts you at whatever point any application requires the root get to, so you can either acknowledge or deny the entrance with a solitary tap.

SuperSU APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version


Superuser get to administration and occasion logging

Incidentally unroots the gadget when required

Tells you at whatever point Superuser get to is required

Per-application warning setup

Profound process discovery

Permits you change over a standard application to the framework application

Numerous subjects

Numerous symbols

In genius adaptation of SuperSU, more power is incorporated. A few components of SuperSU premium adaptation are recorded beneath:

Shading coded charge content logging

Per-application logging design

Per-application client abrogate

Stick insurance/Per-application PIN security

Auto-deny commencement setup

Download the free form of SuperSU APK record underneath or purchase the superior rendition of SuperSU here. Additionally, in the event that you have any issues with this application, you can join the discussion about the application at its XDA string here. SuperSU APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version.


SuperSU is the Superuser get to managementtool without bounds ;

!!! SuperSU requires an established gadget !!!

SuperSU considers propelled administration of Superuser get to rightsfor all the applications on your gadget that need root. SuperSU has beenbuilt starting from the earliest stage to counter various issues with otherSuperuser get to administration devices.

Highlights include:

– Superuser get to incite

– Superuser get to logging

– Superuser get to warnings

– Per-application warning design

– Temporary unroot

– Deep process discovery (no more questions)

– Works in recuperation (no all the more segfaulting)

– Works when Android isn’t appropriately booted

– Works with non-standard shell areas

– Always keeps running in apparition mode

– Wake on incite

– Convert to/framework application

– Complete unroot

– Backup script to survive CyanogenMod nightlies

– Icon selectable from 5 choices + undetectable

– Theme selectable from 4 choices

– Launch from dialer: *#*#1234#*#* or *#*#7873778#*#*(*#*#SUPERSU#*#*)

NOTE: Not all telephones take both codes. On a few telephones you require touse single *# rather than twofold *#*#

The Pro form furthermore offers:

– OTA survival mode (no assurances)

– Full shading coded order content logging(input/yield/blunder)

– Per-application logging arrangement

– Per-application client supersede

– Grant/deny root to an application for a set measure of time

– PIN security

– Per-application PIN security

– Adjust auto-deny commencement


This is intended to supplant Superuser (if introduced), you utilize eitherone or the other. You can’t consolidate them. Explanations that thisbreaks Superuser are consequently totally unreasonable.


Superuser get to administration goes through a purported “su binary”.There can be just a single of these at once. So on the off chance that you installSuperSU, your past superuser get to administration arrangement will nolonger work. So in the event that you need to switch back: (1) Open thatapplication, and look for a possibility for it toinstall/refresh/supplant the “su twofold”. (2) Confirm root-utilizing appsare utilizing the superuser arrangement you need. (3) UninstallSuperSU.

SuperSU APK File for Android Apk Free Download Latest Version


Updated: March 7, 2017 — 1:02 am
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