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Christmas’ ago, growing up in Northern Alabama recall that the holiday season has been consistently the happiest time of the year, made all the sweeter by biscuits, cakes, and cakes baked with my mom along with her younger sister, Vida.

Beautiful Chocolate Pie

The entire world around us, wrapped in bright lights and tinsel, appeared more innocent that the week of Christmas than it did in any time of the year. We children, generally wild and raucous the majority of the occasions were very tame by our normal criteria, no doubt anticipating the birth of Santa!

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A couple of days prior to Christmas the home nearly vibrated with the odor of homemade fruitcakes, cookies, and pies order pumpkin pie online. Looking back on the years that I see that all of the work that went into making the most delicious desserts on earth was a labor of love.

These days, we do not take some opportunity to create a chocolate pie how that they did back then; what is fast and simple to make. When we had the time, I am not sure we’d invest it into a chocolate pie. Perhaps the world could be a much better place if we did.

Eventually, Christmas day came and family and friends came about a mid-afternoon for a massive holiday feast. There could be two tables heavily packed with meals. Kinfolk from every side of your family would congregate in the dining area, kitchen, and living area or just about anywhere they can get a seat.

There were always two tables heavily packed with meals. Turkey and dressing with giblet gravy and a massive ham were the centerpieces of the Christmas dinners. Morsels of different delicacies included exotic flavors like ambrosia, pickled peaches, and deviled eggs.

After we’d swallowed shameful amounts of meals, we were permitted a brief recovery period and it was the opportunity to get serious about eating. Allow the chocolate wars to start!

Every year there was a quiet battle going on between my mom and my Aunt Vida concerning whose chocolate pie was the greatest. While the mother was a fantastic cook vote went to my uncle’s chocolate production. It was fantastic! The exact same controversy occurred annually with no winner being declared, for fear that the failure would refuse to bake a pie the following calendar year.

Among the components within this yearly play was that my Aunt Vida would not give my mom the recipe for her chocolate pie. She had the exact same response every time. “I do not actually have a recipe” She’d say, “I throw a lot of things to the bowl, then stir it up; I place it in the oven” Anything she did, there was no equivalent for her Christmas deal with.

She laughed and explained that her mom had never told some of the brothers her recipe. It was likely the only secret she’d kept from her loved ones; one they seemed to take as’mama’s secret’

She did add that she places a bit of this and a bit of that at the components but she could not recall what they had been. It appears that my aunt might have been yanking a little con job on us for all these years.

There’s a webpage 302 in any fantastic cookbook. Her recipe might not live on such a webpage, but it’s going to be somewhere nearby. Locate yours, add just a bit of this and that and you’ll have my own Aunt Vida’s Beautiful Chocolate Pie!

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