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With everything, there’s always a favorite option. Some manufacturers become popular because of product performance, others rather simply just outshine all the competition. The same holds for basses.

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There are particular brands of basses that are on the very top of everyone’s list and these hot guitars will change over time bass. Let us explore a few of the things that help to push a bass that must-have list.

Cost – For many people, it is as straightforward as cost. Prices will vary greatly from brand to brand and from dealer rodecaster pro to dealer but that magic dollar can always help influence anyone’s choice to make that buy or not. Are you a price shopper?

Bass Guitar Most Wanted List Review

Quality – Occasionally the quality of a product can speak volumes. Literally. A number of the most popular bass guitars got that far from the superb quality and craftsmanship that went into producing them.

Audio and Playability – This is very possibly the biggest factor in determining a bass popularity. No one wants a bass guitar that may not carry the low end that is needed. It must sound great and feel great.

These are just the three most common factors that help to determine which bass guitar should be about the most wanted list.

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