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If you’re looking for the best removal spells for World of Warcraft, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are new or seasoned, having a good removal list is important for junk removal Salinas. It is very likely that once you reach the higher levels in the game (questing and raiding) you will have a lot of creatures that can really ruin your day. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best removal spells in World of Warcraft: what they do, why they are good, and how to use them.

The first type of removal is pretty much a basic spot removal. These are by far the least costly, most effective, and easiest to use spells. These creatures either get rid of the target instantly or are beneficial to your party (if you are on a PvP server). A couple of examples of instant hard removal spells are Zombie Dogs and Ghoul Pups. Ghoul Pups is particularly nice because Ghouls actually get into the fight and become quite tough to kill.

Next on our list of best removal spells for WoW is the tempo-based removal. These usually involve two mana costs and usually deal with either a single opponent or multiple opponents all at once junk removal port moody. Two turns three and cards that deal out two damage on each opponent are Fiery War ax and Fireball shot.

Best Removal Available For World

The other type of “removal” is removal with burst potential. These usually involve casting a single powerful spell onto a large number of smaller creatures. A few examples of bust removal spells are Vampire Lord and Ghoul Revenants. Once these creatures get on the board, you can often swing the game in your favor by swinging with everything.

Finally, we have the free spot removal spells. These are generally the same as the aforementioned two-mana creatures (flame strike and death touch), but they don’t get activated until after you’ve cast a spell. These are very effective at removing most creatures and can often swing the game in your favor. The best example of this type of card would be Dark Pact.


I’ve touched on some popular removal spells in previous articles. I’ll now discuss the best possible option for dealing with pesky creatures such as Zombies and Soldiers. One option is to use the Word of Pain, which deals 3 damage to all creatures within the area. Another option is to use something like Frost Nova, which destroys creatures instantly and leaves them unable to attack or defend themselves for two turns. Either of these should be considered if you’re struggling against creatures like these.

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