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Call center metrics formulas that are used by the majority of these businesses can be broken down into two categories, the former being financial KPIs and the latter being customer-oriented KPIs. Financial KPI’s or business key performance indicators (KPIs) include things like the average call length per customer, the number of sales per call made, and overall volume of calls made. These types of statistics are used to calculate the efficiency of a business in its day-to-day operations. The other type of metrics is those that are used to track and monitor the success and failures of a call center in general.Call Center, Phone, Service, Help, Call

Track of various aspects

These call center metrics formulas are designed to keep track of various aspects of the business that is performing. Some of these things may include call frequency, the number of calls made, and a total number of calls that were made in a specific period of time call center metrics. Other things that can be monitored are the amount of time spent on each call and the number of minutes that were wasted during these calls. Other things that can be measured are the average amount that is charged for each call and the total number of calls handled during a single period of time. Other things that can be tracked and monitored include the number of calls that were lost, transferred, and abandoned as well as the average time that it takes for a caller to leave a message, and the average time that this message remains on the customer’s voice mail.

Final Words

There are many different metrics that can be used in any call center and it is up to the business to determine what type of metrics will work best for their company. In some cases, the call center will focus on one aspect of their business and may only use certain call center metrics formulas to calculate their efficiency. In other cases however, they may use a mixture of different types of formulas to help them keep a record of their performance.

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