Have you ever wondered, can too much CBD oil kill a dog? It is a question I see getting asked a lot on various forums that deal with pet health and safety cbd oil for dogs. The short answer is yes, dogs can overdose on CBD oil just as they can on alcohol, cocaine, and other illicit drugs. There are two distinct types of CBD in plants. The one you find in cannabis plants, which is found in the form of CBD oil, is completely different from the CBD you find in pills or the oil for your vaporizer.

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CBD Oil Kill a Dog

Just because you find a product labeled as “Hemp oil” does not mean it is CBD oil. In order for us to use CBD oil on our dogs, we need to have a form of the substance available which is broken down into its component parts and then absorbed into our dog’s skin. You can find CBD oils all over the place, but they are not easy to absorb into the dog’s skin. Some pet owners have turned to using” CBD drops” because they are easy to administer and their effect is immediate, while in the case of pills, taking it over an extended period of time may have an adverse affect on the dog’s liver and kidneys.

Final Words

So can too much CBD oil kill a dog? No, it cannot, but they can become very ill if they take in too much of it. Dogs of all ages can be affected by CBD, so if you have a dog, you should consider consulting a vet about the benefits of CBD oil for your dog’s skin. The effects of CBD on the body can take up to three weeks to show through, so it is recommended you keep a close eye on your dog’s behavior and moods. A dog that becomes depressed could well be having an adverse reaction to CBD. He or she may feel extremely sluggish, have a lack of appetite, vomiting and/or diarrhea.

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