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If you have never tried chai wala before, you should definitely do so! I’ll talk about the Vancouver branch of this Indian restaurant, as well as the Mississauga location. I’ll also share my favorite flavors of Chai! Read on to find out where to find these wonderful tea shops! Here are the best ones in Vancouver and Mississauga! We love them!

Chai Wala

TAZA Chaiwala is one of the few chai stalls outside of India that is open in North America. The sibling-owned establishment offers a warm and inviting neighborhood space to drink chai with your friends and family. The café offers authentic chai, specialty coffee, milkshakes, and cooling refreshers. In addition, the menu features a fusion of Indian street foods and specialty poutines. The owners of TAZA Chai stalls have an excellent reputation for serving their unique blend of authentic Pakistani food.

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The MBA Chai stall has the right vibe to sell Chai, which is a national obsession in Pakistan and India. The business is the brainchild of two childhood friends who masala¬†chai Vancouver discovered tea science and created a chai-inspired brand. Jakir Hossein, the stall’s creator, is a webmaster and a rising entrepreneur. He hopes to expand the cafe’s presence in Canada by establishing other locations.

Chai Wala restaurant

The founders of Chai Wala first began selling chai in India ninety years ago. They use a recipe passed down from generation to generation. The success of this unique drink in London led them to open more shops in the United Kingdom. However, the multicultural nature of Canada drew them to expand to Canada. In addition to the delicious drinks, the chai walls also serve specialty poutines.

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The chaiwallah is also known for its special version of Karak Chai. This blend is made from fermented black tea leaves, ginger, and other spices. It is then cooled. The young girl orders two cups, taking pleasure in watching the chai wala’s process. The coffee wala prepares the chai by grinding the spices and adding sugar to the milk. The customer orders two cups to share with her friends and family.

Chai Wala in Vancouver

The first Canadian location of the popular chai-wala restaurant opened its doors in Toronto and now offers a new location in Vancouver. Founded in India and serving authentic Indian street food, Chaiiwala is well known for its authentic, delicious chai and its flamboyant menu. Founded nearly 90 years ago in the markets of Delhi, Chaiiwala has since opened up 43 locations across the UK and is now ramping up its expansion in Canada.

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