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Sabre Wheels & Fence Repair Spikes 75 mm and up, come with two post guards, and a leaf guard. Suitable for both new and used fence posts. If your fence is wood but not exactly flat, consider these fence repair spikes, which will keep your wood looking great even if it’s not exactly flat. You can also use these on softwood. These are perfect for both decking and a patio fence.Road, Fence, Dawn, Fog, Pasture Fence

Repair Spikes

Sabre Fence Repair Spike 100 x 100mm, 2 Pack are rated at 2.8 out of five by five feet, suitable for both new and old posts Milwaukee fence repair. If your posts are already in the ground level, and your fence has been damaged by a storm or other damage, this fence repair spike will be perfect for smoothing out the edges of your damaged posts, whilst also providing an extra level of protection on soft ground.

Final Words

saber fence repair spike 75 x 75mm, 2 pack, also rated at 2.8 out of five feet, suitable for both new and used posts, but especially suitable for softwood and rotted posts broken down. This fence repair spike is powder-coated, so will resist abrasion and rust and is also water-resistant, and will be very easy to fit and handle. In addition to being able to handle the soft ground, it is also very fast to apply, with a minimum of effort required. It is a good idea to allow the powder-coated product to fully dry before attempting any work, as well as removing any excess by hand. The fence repair spike will come with an installation guide and is available to pre-drill the holes, but you will find it very easy to install by yourself if you are confident enough.

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