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At the beautiful resort of Les Menuires, skiing is just one of the leading reasons it sees many people every year’s hobby. There are, nevertheless, quite a few different approaches to make the most of the immaculate powder on the slopes. Below are a few of the other interesting activities to bring a little variety for your excursion.

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This game delivers a special spin on flying down the slopes. In case you’ve been skiing in Les Menuires for a while, you might need to fight old customs – such as relying on sticks for balance and coping with your toes being constrained. As soon as you get the hang of it you will surely locate the off-piste classes from the area a complete delight to blitz down – particularly once you’ve got lots of really nice powder to use!

Managing a mountain bike on a snowy mountain is a really different experience. There are, nevertheless, several biking pistes made with this popular option to ski in Les Menuires. Breaking and slaloming using a bike gift necessitates different techniques than many skiers are acquainted with – giving a thrilling challenge if you need something to extend the limits of your abilities on the piste.


On the lookout for a bit more ability to rip and roar through tracts of ice and snow? Snowmobiles are simply the thing to get your blood pumping! A manual will teach you the fundamentals of working on the machine, and if you fiddle around with the positioning of the handlebars, making it easy the first couple of times since you learn to balance between braking and throttling, you ought to be all set in no time in any way!

Feeling somewhat tired of skiing in Les Menuires and only wish to take in most of the sounds and sights in your own leisure? Employing a dog sleigh might be exactly what you’re searching for!

This is a superb way to casually enjoy the countryside, with an expert guide tackling the puppies as you settle back and see the snow-wrapped world whizz by. If you’d like to up the fun quotient, it is possible to speed up things and mush throughout the snow and ice at a surprising speed.

On the lookout for an adventure which you could enjoy with friends, family and nearest and dearest? Toboggan sledding is a superb means to do precisely that. As you slide and slip down pistes designed particularly for sledding, the many shenanigans which you may enjoy using a group make this a very enjoyable action – even for young kids.

Maybe you’d rather use foot capability to explore the landscape: snowshoe trekking is a really legitimate choice to ski in Les Menuires, particularly if you’re intending to research the several peaks and summits scattering the region. There’s a lot to find out awarded the abundant cultural and natural legacy of La Vallee des Belleville, where the hotel is situated.

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