1. Search Engine Optimization

It is a typical technique and not some kind of magical tool that could help you rank a website How to play google word coach. The capability to understand the right tags, category, word limit for content are some of the worth mentioning elements of SEO. It’s all about how one can define the skeleton for his or her site. It has nothing to with the content, though it’s one of the most important parts of the Google ranking scale. A guide must have appropriate headings as well as the title should reflect the ability to explain the complete article as a whole.

Electronics, Mobile Phone, Screen

2. Keyword Analysis

The niche needs to be very specific. This has to be carried out very carefully and correctly. The limit between spam articles and providing a course A article is very slim. You can’t stuff keywords to a post without creating any sense. The stream of the paragraph should be kept and it should in no way seem like that”a few words” was added forcefully.

Another important factor is the package keywords for a particular niche. Many webmasters permit the content to be from a real source but create a mistake most of the time. They’re fond of keywords and love to insert as many words as they could to the content/article. This is a very poor practice and should be rectified. It’s advisable to write a number of articles targeting multiple search phrases but just one article with multiple keywords mash together usually does not work very well. If the article performs worse that the keywords are lost forever too. However, if an article underperforms for a particular keyword you have the chance to optimize the other remaining keywords on your next publish.


It’s been widely debated that CMS is far better compared to static HTML designs. This is not quite true. There’s a reason for which the CMS does better in the search engine results. The Google bot has no problem while adapting a CMS-based website like word media, Joomla, or some other as they have a well-defined structure and follows the guidelines on segregating the categories and other important aspects. While under the HTML system you need to design everything for each and every individual condition – Tags, Categories, and Archive, etc.. If you can do the same thing in the HTML section, chances are that they may fare better than the”Sheepy” CMS trend which everybody is implementing a day.

4. Load-time and Cache

This is one of the most crucial characteristics of the rank system accomplished by Google and nearly every other search engine optimization. If the load time is more than a few seconds it degrades the quality of the site in the eyes of search engine spiders. In today’s world where data is meant to be available in a few clicks and a few moments the load time becomes an important factor. If you are a webmaster whose websites used to rank for results earlier and now have been hit hard check the page load time. This is an easy tool to check the load time.

The cache is the previous opinion of the crawled pages. This is exactly what Google offers to customers in case your website goes offline for some time. The bots make a screenshot like up of each page that has crawled within your webpage and can be made available as a cache. The previous version if any gets modified and the current ones are added to the Google Cache Database. If you want to see the way your page cache appears like you can do so by typing”cache:www.exxample.com” (without quotes), where the instance is your site name.

5. Do-follow and No-follow tags

It may seem that using unique content and obtaining a fantastic place in the SERP is the conclusion of Webmaster’s responsibility but it is not. The comments play an important role is your webpage performance too. The spam comments are needed to be deleted and people posting blah blah and using a hyperlink to their futile site in the text part ought to be blocked and this can be done with the easy”no follow” tag. The no-follow label will dictate the Google bots to not stick to the sites mentioned in the remark section. This may hence reduce the outgoing spam juice and preserve the proper quality of this commented page.

The Do follow labels are meant to be used with authentic and genuine content. Say by way of instance you have written an article about Microsoft support and help. This will help Google identify the initial source and authenticity of your article and hence rank them in the SERPs.

6. Link exchange and Illegal Buy-Sell

This is only one of the few methods which are extremely hard to resist. The link building has become the basic principle of landing pages and the majority of the mid-level sites as well. The effects are clearly visible within a month and also the ranking system seems biased. However, this is not the end game – Google finds these websites and kicks them out in the conclusion of the last examination (if any). The significant algorithm changes are applied and they are all removed with a single blow. So better be on the safe side of the business and stay out of trouble throughout such upgrades.


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