One of the best gifts you can give someone on their birthday or any other occasion is a Handmade Yarn Bowling Bat. Yarn bowls make a great personalized gift for the crafty person in your life as well as for anyone else you know who likes to collect crafts. They’re a beautiful conversation piece and add elegance to any home. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles and are always unique.

Yarn Bowl

Our Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl contains 100% recycled Sheesham Ceramic beads. They are handmade with care in our studios in India. Each bead is carefully crafted with a metal hook & loop tape, and then we carefully inscribe a wood motif on each bead. This method allows us to create one-of-a-kind designs that are hand-crafted and truly unique. We will be featuring many different colors and styles, so your one yarn bowl will be one of a kind.

Fabric, Sewing Tools, Bench, Materials

Each of our yarn bowl products is created by hand by talented artists in our studios in India. These artists specialize in creating beautiful stoneware that is long-lasting and unique. Our yarn bowl is made of high-quality clay which is perfectly polished for a smooth glaze that we can apply to each one of our products strikkepakker på nett. The processing of our products is done by an autoclave, ensuring that each one is carefully and perfectly crafted and manufactured.

Our yarn bowl is inspired by two things; one is our love of rolling around and making things with our hands and the other is our love of all things ceramic. So, we have spent many years perfecting this art. Once the hand-painted tiles came back into fashion, we knew we had to create a product that was near-identical but would also be a wonderful accessory to any crocheting project.

We began to brainstorm and envision what we wanted this product to look like, everything from the color of the icing to the texture of the finished product was taken into consideration. After months of design, testing, and trying to find the best method of processing our yarn, we finally found the perfect formula for processing and creation.

After finding the perfect method of creating our yarn bowls, we began to test it out on our friends and family. We found that not only did our family love the product, but they also loved being able to use it to crochet.

The reason we have been successful in providing crocheters with the opportunity to use their needles in a functional and creative way has all been because we designed a process that made the process fun and enjoyable. Now, after experiencing the joy of using our curved slots to insert the needle into the wood, the girls can spend hours sitting in front of their stye and pulling up a loop to make their own crochet projects.

Crochet projects no longer need to be complicated, frustrating, and frustrating to complete. Any level of experience in crochet can easily take a new and creative direction when one uses their hands instead of a hook or yarn ball. With a simple twist of the knurling tool, crocheters can make the diameter of their crochet hook much larger, which provides a larger base for yarn balls to be inserted into the crochet loops.

This process, when done repeatedly, will greatly increase the diameter of the crochet hook and make crocheting much easier and more enjoyable. After years of frustration with the size and shape of crochet needles and the looping process necessary to produce the necessary diameter, our customers are finally able to enjoy the benefits of a handcrafted yarn bowl.

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