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It has been said that Salesforce CPQ (customer relationship management) consultants are moving in to fill the void left by relationship counselling Carindale. In reality, their role is more like a partner than a consultant – they help your sales team to get the best understanding of the customers’ minds and needs and then help them to deliver a customized solution based on that.

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So, as far as this is concerned, it does not make sense for Salesforce CPQ Consultants to be moving forward with a broader range of clients if they only have one client! By the same token, it also doesn’t make sense for the consultant to move their client base ahead of their team. It is one thing to expand your client base but it is another to actually make it grow.

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This is where salesforce consultants excel, they help you to do just that. They enable your sales team to configure a custom CPQ architecture to suit the way that your business works today rather than the way it was built in the past.

This means that you can configure the sales process as per the current requirements of the customer rather than the way they were used to be salesforce consultants. The customization aspect is very important and no wonder, salesforce consultants have a lot of experience in this area – they have spent years getting to know the customers and what they need.

The CPQ customization experience comes at a cost though. This is because most of the work is done by the consultants. The reason why CPQ consultants charge so much is that it takes time to train and certify them.

While developers can and do charge for customization, those who are certified by CPQ (or other firms) have a track record of developing very efficient and customizable solutions. So, if you are going to move forward and automate your sales process, consider getting hold of some CPQ customization experts.

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