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Exposé is a great way to create a React Native app. The app’s code is written in React and is based on the React programming language. Expo’s CLI makes it easy to create and publish React apps. The CLI also comes with a life reload, meaning that the app will automatically reload after saving. The CLI also provides useful information about the build process, such as errors and logs. This tool also allows you to view the directory structure of the application and any other files and folders created during the process. The ls command in PowerShell or non-Unix shells is also useful for viewing this information.

How to Create a React Native App

Expo’s ecosystem includes tools such as EAS Build and EAS Submit, which enable users to build and distribute React Native projects on iOS and Android. These tools also support Bluetooth. One of the most requested features by mobile developers using Expo is Bluetooth support. Unfortunately, Expo doesn’t provide an in-built Bluetooth module. But if you’re using a third-party npm package to add Bluetooth support, you can use Expo’s build tools to add Bluetooth support.

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Expo also offers a variety of React Native components. These include native React Native components and third-party native React Native components react js consulting. If you’re interested in learning about React Native, you’ll want to make sure you have both XCode and Android Studio on your computer. There are many online courses and tutorials that will help you make the most of Expo. If you’re familiar with building web applications, React Native is one of the best options for getting started.

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