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Anybody that has been to Burning Man understands you must shine. For all those who have not been around the see the guy burn off yet, here are a couple of tips. Throughout the daytime, much less is more. At nighttime, make it glow.

Burning Person With EL Wire

Anyone who has their ticket into this show, be certain that you plan ahead this season, as a mad rush of people never plan ahead to their outfits and therefore are left out from the dust without needing to lighten up themselves.

Dark Art, Daemon, The Witch, Fireball

As for me, I would really like to find people construct their outfits UP this season, as it might seem fitting burning man costume. Without becoming too technical, here’s a checklist of everything you have to do so as to prepare to shine on the playa.

Plan your motif early. Whether you’re going more natural or dangling out this season, be certain that you have your overall notion in mind. Nothing is worse than getting to the playa and realizing that you do not have some idea what it is you are doing together with the 200 ft of EL Wire you simply purchased.

Ensure to understand just how much EL Wire every battery pack will hold. That having been said, in case you’ve got a costume with 200 feet or more of cable, be sure to have enough areas to store all of your battery packs.

Burning Man is the biggest pack-in pack-out community around Earth. Bear in mind that every battery that you waste will end up in a landfill. Rechargeable batteries are getting to be very economical and are an excellent alternative to squandering 50+ batteries around the playa.

Solar panels can also be inexpensive enough to warrant bringing your very own portable wire charging channel today. Charge your batteries with all the energy of sunlight.

Order more cable than you believe you will want before it’s too late. Virtually every costume includes more cable on it than initially expected. When planning out the layout be sure to have more than sufficient cable to achieve your objective. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to cut on your job short as you did not order enough. Additionally, it’s far simpler to get a long strand of cable, than several short strands that are connected together with solder.

Every time you attempt to connect the cable, it becomes increasingly more brittle. Do not have a somewhat shining project since you used too many links. A useful hint to conceal wire is using electric tape, or darkened heat shrink tube. This will let you jump a gap readily without needing to break the relationship. Another thing to consider is making sure that you don’t use the cord on places which bend often like knees or elbows.

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