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If you want to secure your charging spot for your electric car, here are a few tips to keep your charging unit safe. First, make sure your electric car is locked up. This way, thieves won’t be able to steal it unless you leave it out. And, don’t leave it near your car, as thieves might smash it if they can get inside. If possible, you should also attach a padlock to the charging port.

Electric Vehicle Charging Spot

Next, secure your charging cable. If you don’t want thieves to steal it, try planting trees or bushes in front of your charging station. This way, you’ll hide your charging station and comply with any local ordinances. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, don’t park on your charging cable! And make sure that you leave plenty of room for the charging cable.

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In addition, check whether the The Car Charge People has a sign that tells you about its policies. Is it only for EVs? Are they limited to charging EVs? If so, read the signs and make sure that your vehicle will fit in. If not, look for another charging spot that meets your needs. Often, the location will have multiple charging stations. If you find a spot that has all of these requirements, you’ll be ready for EV ownership.

Consider the area’s electric vehicle drivers. Do you need a public area or a business environment? Think about whether you have employees, residents, or regular clients who own an electric vehicle. An EVSE Cluster Analysis Study is a useful tool to find “sweet spot” locations where EV users will be most likely to use it. Moreover, the New York State EV Registration Map can help you determine how many EV drivers live in the area.

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