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Whether your lawn is overgrown, or your concrete driveway is a mess, there are easy ways to improve the look of your landscape. Planting succulents in containers is a fun and inexpensive way to create a vertical planting area. These plants will need daily watering but are otherwise almost indestructible. Jasmine, a beautiful, fragrant flower, will need daily watering.

How to Transform Driveway in One Weekend

In addition to flowers, consider adding low-growing plants to your driveway. These will not only add color and interest, but they’ll attract wildlife and insects. You might even want to consider adding a planting pocket to your driveway! The Royal Horticultural Society recommends incorporating this idea into your landscape design. For a unique driveway, you can install a luxe gate or drive-over planting combo.

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Before deciding whether damp proofing is the right solution for your home, it’s important to understand the risks. Rising damp is a symptom of water ingress into the home Driveways Wirral, which originates from the ground. It often brings with it a salty residue. Condensation occurs inside the house when the temperature rises or falls. Damp proofing helps prevent these problems before they begin.

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