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If you’re a professional in the cleaning and restoration industry, you’ve likely wondered if Hydrodemolition is the future of the industry. The answer is yes! Specifically, hydro demolition robots operate at 40,000 psi, allowing for greater productivity over other cleaning methods. Hydrodemolition robots are also capable of routine scrubber applications, including sewer rehabilitation.

Future of Cleaning and Restoration

To further improve the efficiency of industrial cleaning, manufacturers are providing support equipment for the hydro demolition industry. This equipment can significantly increase industrial cleaning efficiency and open new revenue streams. For example, a silent running high-pressure pump/engine combination can supply the necessary pressure without creating additional noise or obstructing the view. A 700-hp pump/engine combination is available and features built-in auto start/stop technology. The pump/engine combination operates at 43,511 psi and is quiet enough for urban job sites.

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Another example of hydrodemolition services robots in action is at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, where Triton Marine Construction has been removing spalled concrete using an Aqua Cutter HD-6000. One minute’s work with an Aqua Cutter HD-6000’s high-pressure water jet can remove a cubic foot of concrete or a cubic meter in half an hour. The machine can clean rebar as well.

When hydro demolition is complete, runoff water must be neutralized. After neutralizing, the runoff water must be transported to a licensed hazardous waste disposal company or to a nonhazardous waste disposal facility. A copy of the runoff water must be forwarded to the engineer for proper disposal. Hydrodemolition runoff water must be monitored and managed by the company’s staff. Typically, this should be done daily or weekly.

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