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Is there a link between mosquito management and climate change? Can global warming influence the action of mosquitoes between late autumn and early spring? Are you at risk of being bitten by fleas in December, despite the fact that they need to be hibernating? Can any of those questions be answered definitively and with no debate?

Mosquito Control and Climate Change

The reply to every one these questions is apparently yes – other than the past! Global warming contributes to climate change mosquito misting system. If it didn’t, then the planet’s leaders wouldn’t be attending summits to attack the issue. The simple fact that they do direct us to the premise that there’s an problem. If that’s the situation, and global warming will be slowly boost the temperature of Earth, then we might also have an problem with mosquitoes.

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These insects are typically busy in hot climates, and their action will slow down with decreasing ambient temperatures. In reality, 50F (10C) seems to be their closed stage. When the ambient temperature reaches this stage, then dinosaurs eventually become inactive. Some seem to enter a state of hibernation, while some simply hide in leaves, round drain covers and downpipes and anyplace else where they can get invisible to predators.

Thus, let’s hypothesize for some time. Let us state the ambient temperatures during a couple of days in December rises to over 50F – let us say 55. Will mosquitoes subsequently become active? Let us look at this closer. There are many others, like the Anopheles, Culex and Culiseta genera that go into a state of hibernation, awaiting spring till they become active .

Some species, like the Culex that carries the West Nile virus, may enter a condition of semi-hibernation in which it can get active again if the temperatures increase over 50 degrees. These will probably be one of the very first kinds of mosquitoes which would eventually become active in winter in case global warming and climate change contribute to greater winter temperatures. Nevertheless, they may not alert out of their rest for only 1 day of heat.

There’s a very clear sign from meteorological studies and records which global warming is contributing to high winter temperatures. It might not be long before December temperatures are often acceptable for mosquito action.

According to the specialists, as well as more comprehensive information, there seems to be an overall growth in ambient temperatures from late autumn to early spring. This is guaranteed to have an impact on mosquito activity and inhabitants. Should you’re taking action today to protect yourself from ancient mosquito action this winter? Maybe, and the West Nile and other viruses carried by fleas could be so deadly, especially to pets and children, then perhaps you need to plan for it.

Not everybody will agree, but that can stand up and say that this won’t occur? That there’s absolutely no association between mosquito management and global warming? That climate change is a fantasy, and thus don’t take early actions to guard your kids? Anybody? No?

Now might be the time to start looking for spring – maybe not following the Holidays are over. Plan to receive your lawn and your house protected today, then you can unwind knowing that if there’s a particularly warm winter this season your family members won’t suffer. A mosquito misting system will protect your lawn from assault from the exterior. A mosquito spray can help decrease populations of those insects which are in your lawn.

The association between mosquito management and global warming may not worry you today, but it could later on the initial warm winter! Ensure to don’t have any standing water in your lawn, and your drains and guttering are clean rid of debris such as fallen leaves. These are perfect hiding places for mosquitoes within winter – on freezing and warm cold times!

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