The Atlantic City Webster’s website lists close to one thousand words in their Online Definition section. While the list is interesting and contains many common words that aren’t usually found in other dictionaries, it does leave a couple of holes. Take “rapid vehicle accident” for example. It appears in the Urban Dictionary and yet it isn’t a word found in the New York or Chicago dictionaries. So where did this “word” come from?

Atlantic Puffin, Puffin, Bird

New York and Atlantic City Vocabulary

This is one of the problems with online dictionaries Nordheimer Scott. They can be difficult to read if you’re not familiar with the terminology used by educated people. One suggestion to help fill in the blanks is to check the Oxford Dictionary online after downloading your free online dictionary. The OED has an article listed titled “Thesaurus,” which defines a synonym for the word.

Final Words

It isn’t as though the writers of this online dictionary didn’t try to describe the city they lived in a more precise way. It just took a little more effort than it would take you to insert the words from the Urban Dictionary word list into your own. This makes sense, though. If you can’t write a definition yourself, you might want to consult an expert, such as an English professor. While using the dictionary can give you an idea of some of the words commonly used by people in this city, it will never take you to places you’ve never been.

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