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Nitrous whipped cream chargers are an important part of many nitrous kits as well as at parties for whipped cream and other similar products cream chargers. There are many different styles of charger kits available as well as different types of chargers to use with different brands of nitrous kits. There are kits available that fit directly on the side of the hot tub or directly in the water with a hose.Cream, Lotion, Hands, Sunscreen, Spa

Nitrous Whip Cream Chargers

A nitrous whipped cream charger is basically a steel casing or cartridge filled with nitrous fuel which is used primarily as a whip charger in a nitrous dispenser. The bottom end of a charger nozzle has a bent foil cover which is attached to the unit. This is usually performed by a small metal prong on the side of the hot tub. The charger nozzle is designed in such a way as to allow easy cleaning of the charger as well as being small enough for small hands to touch and use without burning your fingers. These chargers also often come with a cover to keep the nitrous fuel from spilling out or in some cases they may even include a drip ring so that the fuel does not drip out and land on other things when being used.

Final Words

Some of the nitrous dispensing units also have air flow regulators built into the front or sides of the unit. Air flow regulators are essential in ensuring that air is blown around the entire hot tub when charging the nitrous kit. In order to prevent overcharging, the charger should be left on continuously until the nitrous charge is completely depleted. Some of the cream chargers that do not have this safety precaution will have a warning light to warn when it is being used and how much charge is remaining. Whichever type of charger you choose, you will want to ensure that it is safe to use around young children as well as pets.

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