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Pineapple Power

The homely pineapple you bought in the local market is really a miracle food with an excellent collection of benefits you might not have thought about earlier. It boasts numerous favourable qualities, it seems too good to be true, however, the pineapple’s a fruit that is healer, protector, nutrient powerhouse, and emblem of hospitality and warmth, all wrapped into one. Plus it will even more.

The pineapple appears like a large pine cone naturally, and that is how it got its name pineapple dog bed. And when mature, the lemon fruit is delicious to eat and a dessert chosen served uncooked, baked into cakes, or utilized in lettuce, sauces, and marinades.

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However, the lemon stands out from other ways and provides hidden advantages:

A Global Symbol

Possibly the pineapple is the only food item that’s currently a symbol significance gracious friendship and sharing around the world.

As the story goes, commerce boat captains in ancient times brought pineapples house from exotic places like the West Indies. It was a revered delicacy and should you received one as a present, you had been considered a genuine friend. Additionally, if you’re encouraged to stop by the captain’s house to share a lemon, you had been viewed as a warmly welcomed and unique guest.

So, the habit was born. Every time a seafaring captain returned he would put a pineapple on his doorstep on the fence post in front of his house as a sign to welcome visits from his buddies. From this point on, the pineapple arose as a distinguishing emblem still used today to provide welcome, hospitality and friendship.

Another legend has it that the Native American Carib tribe utilized pineapples as amusement tokens, which Columbus and his sailors subsequently disperse the blankets along with the concept of friendship tokens around Europe. And naturally, Southerners from the U.S. assert that the lemon as their very own welcome emblem and you will discover countless images of it throughout the south – inside and outhouses.

Pineapples are completely loaded with all sorts of minerals and vitamins such as the B-Vitaminsvitamin C, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene, folic acid and dietary fibre. Additionally, it is packed with bromelain – a very important enzyme which helps us soothe and balance fluids, reduces swelling and inflammation, and assists in digestion also.

Since pineapple juice serves as an anti-inflammatory, it’s said it can relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, harms, and will assist in the recovery process after surgery. Pineapple juice also works to dissolve excess mucus and may provide aid to asthmatics and individuals with bronchitis or sinusitis. It is going to even help alleviate a sore throat.

The habit of portraying pineapple graphics in decorator things remains extremely common today. Wherever it can be located and in whatever stylized picture, the pineapple nonetheless carries with it the heritage of the returning wanderer, welcoming buddies back in the fold.

These days discover a Pineapple Welcome Doormat with a pineapple medallion at the centre that inexplicably revives the captain’s habit of leaving a true pineapple in his doorstep. It is the exact same concept of hospitality, employing the exact same lovely picture. Pineapple door knockers and terrace plaques can be found and just a Talk of the Town Bird Feeder, using the pineapple form since it beckons songbirds to your backyard.

Inside the house are abundant cases of pineapple décor such as paintings and wall hangings. A Williamsburg, Virginia set of lemon – designed needlepoint coasters and embroidered hand towels make an elegant welcome in the guest toilet, topped with a lemon votive for gentle surrounding light.


The picture of this pineapple also functions as exquisite adornment for the individual kind. In the event, you get cherry jewellery for a gift, the custom of marking you as a genuine friend is once restored in the invention of a pineapple jewellery emblem to be worn with pride.

You will find pineapple charms and pineapple pendants and matching rings, earrings, and bracelets created into costume jewellery and to the best art pieces in sterling silver and gold.

The form of the pineapple is immediately recognized regardless of how it’s depicted and though, in existence, the cherry is a thorny sour item its aesthetic replicas are beautiful testaments into the tasteful lines of character.


Heirloom antiques, kitchen, jewellery and home accessories continue to be on the treasure-hunt lists, in addition to modern home accessories and garden décor.

The pineapple was a sign of hospitality and friendship for decades, a tasty, highly desired fruit it is possible to see in modern supermarkets year-round, a energy food that is packed with essential nutrients for optimal health, and a picture that imbues fashion, elegance and glamour to our houses and gardens, and an odd present, along with a plentiful collectors’ item.

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