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Air Conditioning

This is a low-profile air conditioning connector used with refrigeration ductwork. It fits into the back of an existing air conditioning duct or it can be installed in any ductwork inside the house split system air conditioning eastern suburbs. If your ductwork is in need of replacement there is a quick connection fitting available. This fitting can be plugged into an existing air conditioning duct and quickly made functional again.

Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning Unit

This air conditioning quick connector also fits into the underside of a wall outlet. A female air filter is included with this quick connector that fits onto the air conditioning power circuit board. Then simply install the quick connector quick into the air duct or electrical panel.

That’s all there is to it, a low-profile quick connects fitting for your air conditioning system. installed this air conditioning, the quick connector allows you to make sure that there are no leaks present in your home. This will help to prevent premature heating or cooling of the air inside your home.

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