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Your auto’s air conditioner may make the distinction between a comfortable trip, and one that requires you to shower and change garments upon coming to a destination rectangular vape. Automotive air conditioning units are made up of numerous components that require upkeep and fix like any other portion of your car or truck.

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Be certain that you have your air conditioning billed and mended before the warm weather arrives. In case your A/C device is blowing hot air, or little to no atmosphere then it is time to have an expert measure in.

Car’s Air Conditioning System Should Be Left to the Experts

A mechanic will inspect your hoses, lines, and seals to be certain that there aren’t any leaks prior to going ahead with expensive repairs. They will assess temperature readings and scrutinize your drive belt for cracks or damage. Exactly the identical air conditioning belt can be utilized for lots of your auto’s purposes, so if it’s busted you might encounter far more mechanical problems than the usual sexy and hard disk.

Technicians also have to take a peek at the compressor and also require readings to find out whether that’s the offending part that is causing the machine to malfunction.

While all significant servicing ought to be left to the professionals, air conditioning fix is possibly the most dangerous fix a amateur or professional may try. The refrigerant used in automobiles is Freon, typically two kinds of it that are undetectable and colorless in their vapor type. Breathing in these vapors or exposing them may lead to irritation of the eyes, throat and nose, and perhaps even unconsciousness or even at a properly ventilated area.

Mixing both of these gasses can be harmful, as is warming them. Many amateur mechanisms use what is known as the”flashlight method” where they hold a flashlight under the hood to find out whether any Freon is leaking. This way is remarkably dangerous,Exposing refrigerant into an open fire turns it to some noxious gas called phosgene gas.


Your heating system is a complex and complicated one involving harmful chemicals that need professional assistance. If you suspect that a issue then take it into a specialist, since a Freon flow is nothing to attempt to pinch pennies around.

Keeping cool is not only about your relaxation, it is all about the protection of you and your passengers.

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