For homeowners across the nation, pest control is a necessary part of keeping a property free of dangerous insects and pests. Common household pests include mice, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, and ants. With an arsenal of effective pest control techniques and information on the life cycles and biology of particular pests, pest control professionals identify, locate, and eliminate hazardous insects in a home or commercial facility. Some of the most common insecticides used for pest control include:

Pest Control Methods

Baits. Baits can be applied to prevent pest infestation. Baits are available at hardware, gardening supply, and nursery stores and can be purchased online chico pest control solutions. Baits come in varying strengths but are usually made up of boric acid or other materials that destroy pests and their eggs. Pest exterminators mix baits with liquid pesticides for the best effects on a pest problem.

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Liquid pesticides. Applying liquid pesticides directly to a pest problem is not recommended. Applying pesticides in this manner can result in the release of chemicals into the atmosphere, and contaminate surface water and groundwater. If you must apply liquid pesticides, contact a reputable pest control company and ask for advice. Your local health department may also be able to provide help.

Dusting. If you notice an infestation problem, pest control technicians often use a dusting machine to remove pests from homes or commercial properties. Epic or commercial grade pic insecticides are usually applied with a dusting machine. Commercial grade insecticides work by attaching a micron size to a dusting powder. The powder is then injected into the air, which effectively makes it airborne and destroys any insect that comes into contact with the dust.

Trap cropping. Trap cropping is another pest control method that is most often used for larger pests that may be difficult to treat using standard techniques. A trap crop system involves manually removing pests from an area, such as a garden, and releasing the trapped insects outside of the perimeter of the area. Because trap cropping can take hours or even days, depending on weather conditions, it isn’t recommended for trapping smaller pests like cockroaches.

Other pest control technicians prefer to use baits or sprays as the main method of controlling pest problems. There are several types of bait you can purchase from a pest control technicians’ supply store or online. Some of the more popular baits are bait balls, bait mist, bait sheets, or bait sprinklers. You can apply some of these baits right on your plants by placing them on the plant leaf and waiting for them to appear.

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