If you want to save money on a wedding dress, then one of the ways to do so is by purchasing a wedding dress slip instead of buying a bridal gown. You can choose a wedding dress in an off-the-shelf bridal gown as a trial run to see how it looks on you.

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This way you will get a good idea of how it will fit and if it will suit your taste and style before purchasing your gown. Many times a wedding dress slip comes with a matching sapphire tiara that will add to the cost of your wedding gown.

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The good thing about wedding dress slips is that they will normally be less expensive than buying a new gown. Most wedding dresses made for plus-size wedding dresses will also look even better with an extra slip included in the set long sleeve wedding dresses. Here are a few guidelines that will hopefully help you determine if you need a wedding dress slip, or not. A slip will most often hide this, especially if your underwear is transparent.

The last thing you want when you are trying on wedding dresses is to have a leak in one portion of your dress. It may not happen when you are walking down the aisle, but it does occur when you are getting ready to slip into your wedding dress. If you are buying a bridal petticoat along with your slip, then you will want to choose a fabric that is more absorbent so that the excess moisture stays away from your slip and your beautiful wedding dress.

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