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If you have recently purchased recalled Similac baby formula, you may have noticed some negative effects. The baby formula recall is the result of possible contamination. In this article, you’ll learn about the symptoms and how to deal with them. Also, you’ll learn about what you should do if you’re worried about your baby’s health. Here are some tips for parents who have recently purchased recalled baby formula.

Similac Baby Formula Recalled Symptoms

Among the brands of baby formula affected by the recall are Similac, Alimentum, EleCare, and Purell. These brands were produced at a facility in Sturgis, Michigan, and were voluntarily recalled after complaints from consumers. Symptoms of Cronobacter sakazakii include high fever, poor feeding, irritability, and low energy. If you’ve recently bought Similac and noticed any of these symptoms, get your baby’s medical attention as soon as possible.

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The FDA is investigating reports of Salmonella infections in babies who consumed the recalled brands. But the company determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to link this contamination to specific brands of Recalled Baby Formula. In fact, it’s possible that the contamination may have affected multiple brands of Similac, Elecare, and Alimentum. For now, the company has voluntarily recalled a number of infant formula products. You can check your baby’s formula with the lot code located on the label.

Symptoms of a recalled product can be difficult to identify. But knowing what to look for is essential in keeping your baby healthy. Check your child’s diet, and if your baby is sick, call your health care provider or a food pantry for a replacement formula. It’s important to check the lot number, because some batches may be contaminated with the bacterium Cronobacter sakazakii.

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