Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is a resort in the Black Sea region. It is well-known for its beautiful water views, sandy beaches, and excellent nightlife black sea resorts bulgaria. The whole coastline is lined with numerous sandy beaches and there are several slip-out attractions nearby such as an old lighthouse and Roman ruins.

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Sunny Beach Bulgaria Resort

To the southwest are the city of Sveti Vlas, with an Archaeological Museum and a fine museum; the former leading to a very picturesque beach and the latter to the Roman ruins. From there you can head southwest to Veliko Gradina, where you will find another beach ideal for swimming. From there you can travel southwest to Dobrinishte, where you will find a lovely little fishing village. A little further you will come across another star options hotel, this time a ski resort, where you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

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After that you will travel northwest to Dobrinishte where you will find a new beach – Olivo. It’s a beautiful beach surrounded by pine trees. You’ll have a great time relaxing or participating in sports on this place. A short drive further you will reach Plovdiv, another famous sunny beach Bulgaria resort; here you will find some affordable upscale restaurants and lots of excellent shopping. The hotel buildings in Plovdiv date back from the 7th century, so the architecture and the interior design is very unique.

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