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As an energetic health care practitioner, I have followed movies like What the Bleep Do We Know And The Secret. They’ve crafted a new method of talking about the quantum area shooting us down the bunny hole of discovery and exploration.

The Living Matrix requires the upcoming evolutionary step to knowing vitality as critical to wellbeing compare the prices. Additionally, it summarizes case studies of those who have undergone extraordinary recovery working together with all the living matrix of their body-mind system.

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Exploration of Energy Medicine

In statements critical to our manner of thinking about life and recovery, the following outline of articles is supplied for”traveling more deeply into the rabbit hole”

Consider These tenets in the movie regarding healing and health.

  • Your own body is connected to a dynamic field of information that encircles the body-mind Area and contains it
  • Your body area is full of lively info. DNA ( biological data library) informs areas that become organs, tissue, cells, muscles, etc..
  • Genes are boundless potential. The impact of emotion, environment, and anxiety may create 30,000 distinct variations from the routine.
  • The heart imprints data from the energetic area and contains neural tissue. Emotions have a direct effect on what’s relayed. The center is the human body’s control system and provides information into cells.
  • Life is a pattern of advice. Infection is a disruption in the info energy system.
  • Infection is scrambled, obstructed, or upset info. After the disturbance is ceased, physiology and chemistry self-correct.
  • 1/3 of healing occurs because of the placebo effect. Belief in positive and process idea have an effect through improving the recovery procedure.
  • The potential of energy medicine enables easing the natural healing capacity of the human body as a whole.
  • Info follows aim with attention and orientation of frequency.

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