Belly fat differs in the fat in different parts of the human body. Even if you’re in anxiety, your cortisol levels increase and it causes more fat to be kept in the gut. It’s widely known that the more fat you have on your stomach, the more likely you’re in danger of having heart disease and diabetes.

Easy Yoga Postures

Because of this, eliminating this undesirable belly fat is critical. If your waist size should greater than 40 inches (men) or 35 inches (women), then you’re at greater risk of heart attacks.

Eat well and exercise regularly is the trick to lower your waist size and remove the stubborn belly fat. Yoga is a superb exercise to burn off calories and strengthen your stomach muscles. As you can’t burn off fat at specific sections of the body, doing yoga burns a lot of calories That will burn some sum of the fat from the belly. Yoga training may increase the potency of your abdominal muscles so you can get more toned abs. Below are a few postures you can exercise at home.

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The way to do it: Lie flat in your spine. Pull 1 knee towards your chest until your thigh rolls your stomach. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds then exhale and contact the first position. Do this workout for half an instant for every leg.

  • The benefit of accomplishing Pavan-Muktasan:
  • – Lessen abdominal bloating
  • – Improve the flexibility of your own knees and buttocks.


Maintain your forehead on the ground and relax. You may only use the power of your spine to get this done. Maintain this position for 30 minutes.

  • The benefit of accomplishing Bhujangasan:
  • – Maintain your spine strong and elastic
  • – Alleviate back pain


The way to do it: Lie down on your stomach and bend your knees towards your spine and hold your knees with your arms. Maintain both your knees near each other, your posture should form a curve with your tummy on the ground.

  • The benefit of accomplishing Dhanurasan:
  • – Boost your energy
  • Paschimottanasana

The Way to take action:

Sit with both arms directly above your head. Keep your spine straight then bend forward until your face reaches your knees and your palms touch your toes.

  • The benefit of accomplishing Paschimottanasana:
  • – Control appetite

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