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While bass will be active and cruising the waters, winter can make bass fishing tricky. Especially in areas with no safe ice, winter can be very cold and you may not have a feeling on your face. To keep your chances of catching a few fish, it is important to understand the habits of bass in the cold season. By using appropriate techniques, you can target these fish. Listed below are some tips for fishing in the cold season:

Winter Bass Fishing

Find transition zones between shallow and deep water. Bass are more active in these transition areas because they can move up and down with the changing water conditions. Look for areas with bluff walls so you can cast far without spooking the fish. In these areas, try fishing a drop shot rig to catch bass that will move up and down in search of food. The sun-warmed banks are another good location. If you’re fishing for bass in the shallows, be sure to use a long lure so as not to scare them away.

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As temperatures drop, you should use a medium-light line. A spinning reel will help detect subtle bites. You should also fish with a wacky worm that falls straight through the water column Bam Baits Lures for Bass Fishing. Make sure the worm imparts subtle action all the way to the bottom. Small bites can go undetected unless the line twitches or stops before the fish reach the bottom. When you see a bite, it’s time to switch up your strategy.

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