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While insurance isn’t known as a very innovative or exciting sector, new technologies has produced a platform for lots of fascinating insurance information technology (IT) solutions for both customers and insurance suppliers. Here we offer a summary of the best 5 advanced IT services.


Pay-as-you-drive insurance computes premiums based on a person’s driving profile, rewarding protected driving whilst monitoring and raising premiums on unsafe driving styles.

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Drivers who always speed, brake abruptly or drive in poor weather conditions (e.g. rain, snow ) find themselves paying higher premiums than people that follow the rules of the street towing service. A”black box” device installed at the vehicle tracks key parameters of this travel and transports the information to the insurance provider, who subsequently regulates the superior rate.

Some insurance companies currently offering simplified variations of Pay-as-you-drive alternatives:

Companies like Accenture intensively explore this subject in order to offer new alternatives.

Online insurance quote programs, for example, Kanetix, all provide access to a restricted number of insurance companies, enabling users to examine just a subset of costs, which can be based on the insurer’s data.

Social benchmarking of motor insurance premiums provides independent, consumer-generated information across all insurance companies. As customers share information regarding their insurance policy spending, they could get the collective expertise of other customers, identifying if they cover as much and that gives the lowest prices for peers using a similar insurance policy profile.

A good illustration of such an agency is that the InsurEye Peer Comparison tool, which covers not just spending information for internet insurance providers (20%-30% of their entire market), but also for insurance provided directly by insurance companies, agents, and brokers.

Online banking is now the standard, but online insurance policy administration? Private banking fund management applications and other useful online IT providers are offered for customers at no cost. Last, the insurance business has begun to close the gap.

Nowadays many insurance companies provide online and cellular tools to assist consumers to handle their policies and supply customer service. 1 case is TD Insurance, which provides an internet service enabling clients to perform many jobs by themselves, eliminating the requirement to call an agency lineup.

Examples of these tasks are:

  • Change contact info
  • Change an automobile policy
  • Change a House Policy
  • Change a payment strategy
  • File a claim

Quite a few insurance companies both in Canada and the USA provide such tools to their clients e.g. TD Insurance, Nationwide, USAA, and much more.

Collisions do not occur as you’re sitting at home in the front of the pc. Rather, many insurance companies have developed solutions to help clients cope with their own crashes and asserts scenarios in their cellular devices. A normal case of the mobile program offers customers many useful functionalities reducing headaches in the event of a crash. A Normal set of attributes for this IT solution comprises:

List of hints in the event of a crash

  • Catch all essential accident information (incl. Photographs )
  • Locate/purchase towing agency
  • locate a repair store
  • Initiate a claim procedure
  • Check maintain status
  • Locate an insurance broker

Such programs are often free and users may begin using them straight after downloading with an app shop. Particularly useful is the capability to have an image of a collision to record what happened and gauge the potential amount of harm.

If you have ever had a street crash, you absolutely know the selection of feelings you experience: panic to your health and people that are in the vehicle, worries regarding financial effect on future insurance premiums, not being certain exactly what to do and in what sequence, dealing with authorities, towing services, yet another auto driver .

Some firms, e.g. RBC Insurance, have so-called Road Angels – insurance specialists who arrive at the crash place to encourage the client.

Rather than sending a broker to a spectacle, IT insurance providers could potentially offer long-distance assistance through video. Modern smartphones are effective at distributing the two-way movie, which makes it feasible to demonstrate an insurance policy expert what’s occurred, and at precisely the exact same time making the consumer feel more protected.

Videoconference suppliers such as Skype offer these functionalities that are technical, and Apple includes FaceTime, a brand new video chat because of the iPhone users.

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