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Towable campers are like their name implies, a cross between an electric pop-up and a travel trailer. Very easy to tow and very roomy. The lightweight also assists with your MPG rating. The smaller sleeping areas only fold up slightly when in tow or at storage so it does not take up too much space either when in storage or on tow. As with all other vehicle classifications, the larger towable campers have more features and accessories.

Towable Camper

Smaller travel trailers are great for short trips to the beach or to hunt deer. Towing a unit that is only 4 feet long will help you maneuver into tighter parking lots. Large travel trailers can tow a bigger RV or a car that will give you more space for driving and more room for cargo. A towable vehicle’s tow capacity is measured by the weight of the unit itself and how many axles it has.

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The type of camper you choose depends on what you will be doing with it. Most towable campers come in one size or another and some have a freshwater capacity of up to eight people, but that is the low end of the range cash for cars. If you want to haul a boat or go on a fishing trip then you will need a larger camper.

There are even some very compact models which have a freshwater capacity of four people and can tow a canoe or a recreational vehicle as well. Towable vehicle manufacturers to include information on their product performance and other data on their websites.

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