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When constructing a wooden fence, you’ll have to decide what type of wood you want to use. Redwood or Western Red Cedar are both great choices, and are also fairly inexpensive, although they’re not as strong. Pressure-treated wood can be quite expensive and is less stable than other kinds of wood, such as Cedar and Redwood. The best type of stain for this type of wood is semi-transparent, as it will protect the boards from weathering.

Types of Fence Boards

Redwood is among the strongest and most stable building materials. Once installed, it won’t shrink or expand, and it won’t warp or split. However, the resistance to rot and insects varies depending on which part of the tree you use, so make sure to buy the heartwood grade. Despite these benefits, redwood is the most expensive choice. That said, if you’re able to find a redwood board that meets your specifications, it’ll be worth the expense.

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Some fence builders specialize in ornamental fencings, such as post-and-rail. They also offer DIY products for people who want to put up fences on their own Parker fence. If you’re not interested in hiring a fence builder, try contacting a fencing contractor in your area.

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