One of the most common questions raised about synthetic grass involves what is synthetic grass made from. This is an important consideration when choosing which type of synthetic grass you want to install in your yard because it will affect the price. The more natural and less processed the product is, the more expensive it will be. However, this doesn’t mean that natural grass cannot be used for landscaping What is synthetic grass made from?. There are no products available that closely imitate the look of natural grass, but they are less expensive.

Synthetic Grass Made From

What is synthetic grass made of? The actual materials that make up the turf are called polyethylene, polypropylene, and ethylene terpolymer. These are more commonly known as Teflon or EPDM, although there are other names. Each material has different qualities, including strength, flexibility, water resistance, and traction. Products that mimic natural turf fibers are called “terrain fibers”, or sometimes “clear coat”. A special type of coating can be added to clear coat turf to improve its water resistance and physical characteristics.

Final Words

So, what is synthetic grass made of? The key ingredients are minerals, resins, additives, and a clear coat. Any artificial lawn that claims to be natural lawn will most likely be made with some combination of these materials, with each product varying slightly according to its manufacturers.

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