The search engine results pages (SERPs) for most websites show the site’s content moderation services market size. However, the results also show how popular a particular service is The content of the site may vary depending on whether the site owner uses content monitoring or content moderation services. For example, if the content monitoring is done by an external company such as Google Analytics, it may show a different number depending on whether the monitoring is done internally or not.

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If a site owner does not employ content moderation services, then the best way to measure the popularity of the site is to look at the number of inbound links to the site from other sites. The number of inbound links from other sites indicates the popularity of the site as many other sites will have links to the same content as yours, thereby implying that your site has a higher chance of being listed in Google. The presence of reciprocal links from other sites indicates that the content of the site is of high quality and is trusted by other sites.

Final Words

When a webmaster has a high page rank, then their keywords will appear more often in SERPs. However, this also has a negative effect on search engine optimization (SEO). So, when using content moderation services ensure that you have enough content to meet Google’s quality criteria. Do not create duplicate content as this will reduce the authority of your site. Moreover, do not submit content that is identical to other sites because this may be penalized by Google. It is important that your content is unique and informative so that users will be tempted to visit your website.

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