Being in a car accident can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. If you are lucky enough not to be critically injured, you should take comfort in the fact that the person who was at fault probably will not be accident attorney. But what if you were in an accident that severely injured you or other people? What then? Well, if you are injured, you need to know what to do.

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Million Car Accidents in a Year

Immediately after the car accident, see if anybody is hurt. If yes, call the police and 911 for an ambulance to come to the scene. Then collect all the injured persons’ names and contacts from the emergency call as well as their contact information from the tow truck driver who took them to the nearest hospital. These names and contacts should eventually be sent to your insurance company to verify if the person you are injured actually has insurance and if so, to whom and for how much.

Final Words

Once the tow truck driver and other law enforcement officers have taken the people from the car accident scene, get yourself and everybody involved in the accident together to the police station. Make sure everybody knows that they are not responsible for any property damage and medical bills incurred during the accident. You and the other party’s insurance company will be negotiating with the other party’s insurance adjuster shortly, so it is important to be organized so you don’t forget anything important. Remember that there will be a lot of paperwork to process at the police station, so don’t rush through this process. Take your time and be thorough; this will ensure that you receive the best settlement possible, with the least amount of hassle and complications.

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