Best pressure washing chemicals include: Dyna Sharia, Advantix, Hydrocarbon Air, Green Works, PressureWash Pro, Super Lift Xtra, and Volumetric Pressure Wash Pressure Washing Myrtle Beach SC | Pressure Washing Pros. data Sharia are a synthetic super clean detergent that’s been rated as the best selling pressure washing chemical in the industry. It features a bright, fresh appearance that fades over time. Using the original mix formula, it cleans and protects against corrosion and doesn’t contain any petroleum-based ingredients or colorants. High-quality and constant excellent results have earned this popular commercial pressure washing chemical the top pick among professional janitorial cleaning contractors.

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Pressure Washing Chemicals

Advantix High-Pressure Washing Chemicals is formulated for use in high-pressure washing applications. They feature an advanced formulation of detergent additives that includes vitamins and trace minerals for deep cleaning. This product is frequently selected by dishwashers, ovens, and other water-based commercial cleaning applications. Super Lift Xtra is a detergent that is a product that is extremely effective and commonly used in high-pressure washing applications, like hot tubs and pool decks. It contains triclosan as an active ingredient to protect the fabric and rubber parts from ultraviolet radiation. This product is also great for cleaning steel and non-metal surfaces.

Final Words

Green Works Hydantoin is a specialized product that is used in very concentrated forms for high pressure washing applications. It is highly effective and has a very light shine that fades over time. High quality products have a great deal of shine and should be used in conjunction with green works wax to insure the finest and most even shine possible. Volumetric Pressure Wash is a very powerful yet safe product that is great for use in very high temperature applications. It may be a little pricey but the best results come from a combination of high quality chemicals and specialized product.

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