Zombie coins are a collector’s item just like any other type of coins. However, they lack the backing of any monetary denomination and are usually only offered in extremely limited cases challenge coins for less. A coin is usually a tiny flat, domed piece of plastic or metal used mostly as a medium of payment or exchange.

They are made in bulk quantities at a factory to facilitate quick trade and are typically issued by an issuing government. Often, coins have graphics, text, or images on them.

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Zombie Coins Rare

Zombie coins are not offered in typical uncirculated condition; they are offered in very limited quantities due to the rarity of the coins. Standardized weights for all coins will be found in each coin of this type, along with the year of issue and what kind of image or text is on it. They do not come in very many different sizes, are more often found in the average circulated variety. Zombie coins are not offered in the most common conditions, so they usually don’t sell very often, unless a dealer has a special run-of-the-mill quantity.

A rare coin might be sold without having any kind of Mintmark but generally is not offered in the common bulk quantities that most coins are offered in. They also are very difficult to find in the average circulated condition, since they are extremely popular with collectors. This type does not have a backing, and the name alone describes the coin’s condition. They should be easy to spot because they lack the usual attributes of a circulating coin, such as a Mint Seal and a paper certificate.

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