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Nathan Doyle is a talented and up-and-coming horse trainer in Newcastle with a stable of 30 horses in training. Originally from Muswellbrook, NSW, he moved to Sydney to train for champion trainers like Paul and Peter Snowden and Mark Newnham. A passionate racehorse lover, he has the perfect blend of experience, age, and drive to excel in the industry. In 2019, he opened his own stable of young and established Thoroughbreds called Doyle Racing.

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Darren Smith is a leading trainer of Thoroughbreds. He is also a successful stud farmer, breeding and training high-quality performance horses. He is hoping to secure more boxes in Newcastle to expand his stable’s capacity. To learn more about the Newcastle racehorse stable, visit the website below. You’ll find a list of top-rated trainers in the region. It’s worth checking out all the reviews to find the one that meets your requirements.

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Sid Killick is one of the most successful and well-respected racehorse trainers in the world. He trained many horses in the country and even worked with well-known trainers in other countries. His first stable was established in Scone, NSW, where he enjoyed early success. He then relocated to personal trainer newcastle, where he continued to expand his business and has secured additional boxes in Newcastle.

Sid Killick is one of the most successful horse trainers in the country. He trained many horses for the best trainers. His son, Mayson, was trained by Richard and Michael Freedman and won his first race in Australia at Newcastle in 2022. He also placed third in an 1800-meter race, as he was ridden by Keagan Latham. He won that race with a strong horse, so he is a great example of a successful stable in Newcastle.

Darren Smith, a horse trainer from Newcastle, has appealed a 15-year disqualification from the sport. The disqualification from the sport has led to a career-ending controversy for the trainer. His legal team argues that he could not have known that his horses were contaminated with cobalt, which is why he was disqualified. The case was argued that the trainer could not have known the cobalt level at the time of his first race in April last year.

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