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One of the most famous spray painters in the world is Giorgio Armani. His creations have won him many awards and he always comes back with a new series or two. One of his latest creations is the Gumsutra Cape Town, which has a brushed finish and is designed to mimic the bark of an old-growth tree.

Banksy’s Gumtree Cape Town

The spray painters at Giorgio Armani Porto di Caprio cover every nook and cranny, from the rim to the base of the tree, with rich colors, like burnt orange, and the finishing is done by hand to create a sturdy material that will resist wear and tear.

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The Gamasutra Cape Town is a joint project between Giorgio Armani and London-based graffiti artist Banksy. It’s certainly an ambitious project for an artist, with an idea that has probably never even occurred to Mr. Armani.

He sees it as an opportunity to meet Banksy and recreate a section of his own territory in Italy, but even if you take into account that Giorgio Armani would have had the benefit of knowing the elusive Banksy for years, you can probably empathize with the manager of Gumsutra Cape Town who has probably been waiting in vain for someone like Banksy to emerge from the darkness and take his piece of art with him. The spray painters gumtree cape town was duly “paired” by the elusive Banksy, who was born in Bristol, UK, in 1988, and moved to London where he honed his skills as an illustrator before embarking on his notorious street art.

This collaboration between the two renowned artists has been billed as one of the most radical and pioneering exhibitions ever to take place in Europe, and you have to believe that the result will be nothing short of spectacular painting contractors. The secret of their success, according to Banksy’s manager at Gumsutra, is in the style of work they have chosen to create.

The gum tree is the subject of many street arts by Banksy, whose twisted style is unique in the world of street art. It is a style that has earned him the nickname, “Banksy the Squid”, and this is fitting given the nature of the artist’s approach. Banksy’s gum trees feature an eclectic range of objects including lights, mirrors, bottle labels, cuddly toys, shoes, bottles, and flags.

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