Barn cats are native to the USA and have been in existence for more than 100 years. They are small in size, ranging from one to four inches in height at the shoulder Barn cats. They have big floppy ears, almond-shaped eyes, a short rounded tail, and a short stocky body. They can grow up to six inches in length. They have low maintenance needs and live up to ten years. Barn cats are generally nocturnal but do spend some time during the day sunning themselves.

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Barn cats come from cagesBarn cats come from cages

Barn cats come from cages where they were kept in barns for their entire lives. At the age of three, they are transferred to new cages in a farmers’ barn. During the day they are allowed to roam about and at night they are let free to sleep in their own cat barn. Since they are primarily carnivores they eat meat, berries, and vegetables. This is the reason why they are popular as farm animals because they will eat just about anything and love attention.

Final Words

In the USA barn cat care is not so difficult. You will need to spay or neuter them as they are naturally born with no fur and so are not naturally tamed. Their future life depends on you and since they are a type of exotic cat breed there is a large demand for them as pets. Barn cats adoption can be found if you search the Internet as many organizations try to take in stray and abandoned barn cats.

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