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The Bonus Synonym Worksheet is a handy bonus Synonym Finder that can help you find synonyms for many common words. You should print out the entire sheet and take it with you when you go to the dictionary or thesaurus discount and bonuses. You could also put one copy into your pocket along with your cell phone or pocket-size notepad for quick reference. Then, when you are having a conversation with someone you would not normally use a specific word to describe what you are talking about you can refer to the bonus synonym list.Business World, Hand, Finance

Bonus Synonyms

For example, if you were talking about dog collars and the person you are talking to uses the word “dog” then you could use the bonus synonym for a dog collar. If you prefer pants over shirts then use the bonus synonym for pants instead of a shirt. It works the same way with blazers and baseball caps. Or you might even use the bonus synonym for… well anything really!

Final Words

There is an example of the bonus synonym in the second paragraph above. In this sentence, the first word is “pants” and the second word is “collars.” If you were to use the bonus synonym for pants you could say, “The pants are on.” This will save you time when trying to translate words from English to Spanish. Bonus synonyms make life easier when you have a few handy at all times.

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