In an age where smartphones dominate our lives, it is no surprise that vanity numbers have become a thing of the past. Smartphones have almost completely eliminated paging through pages of the phone book to find the number for the pizza shop down the street. But, what about those vanity numbers? How do you get your phone number out without flooding your friend’s or family’s phone? Today, there are new methods of marketing through vanity numbers that make it easy to market your business or organization without having to shout “hi” to everyone at the end of the line. Here are five ways to market with a vanity number:

Cell Phone Direct MarketVanity phone numbers can be difficult to come up with if you’re trying to market your business through traditional methods vanity number for marketing. It’s important to use all of the traditional tools available for marketing your business, like direct mail, television advertising, etc… But, what about the outdated phone numbers? Will people still give you their phone number when they can just call your office and not even have to look for you on the white pages?

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Fortunately, marketing with vanity phone numbers has been made easier through recent technological advancements. There are a few ways you can market with these numbers. First, you can opt to offer your business and your services through a vanity number, which can be attached to your business cards. This will allow you to add your email address and website information at a later date, should you find more clients.

Another way is through caller ID. Caller ID displays the caller id (first name, last name, address, etc.) of each phone number called. When people call these numbers with your caller id, it will display your caller id with a vanity number underneath.

You can also opt to include your number in local listings. The majority of realtors list the area code, and often the name of the city or county. If you list your property with a broker, make sure that your vanity number is included in the listing. If your property is located within a large metropolitan area, you should list it in a directory, as these directories often list both cell phone and landline numbers. You can pay an affordable fee to have your vanity number included in these directories. They’re a great resource for local businesses.

Phone service providers can also list vanity numbers in their lists of numbers for their customers. This gives you the chance to advertise your services through more than one medium. It also gives you an opportunity to highlight your value. Cell phone service providers typically offer better rates for customers who pay higher fees. It’s a great investment and effective marketing for small businesses.

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