“Culture and Health: A Marriage of Values” by Alvin Townley is a quick read with some excellent advice. The author begins by outlining some definitions and how they are reflected in our healthcare system. Then he goes on to examine the relationship between culture and health in America. The book then looks at the different cultures in various countries that each share some common characteristics. It then examines some of the challenges and differences in dealing with both physical and mental health. The book ends with a brief description of some resources, the author suggests you might use.

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This is a very interesting book. I agree with some of the diagnoses and prescriptions, though I would not go as far as to call this book an earth-shattering text hungarytop.com. It is, however, a very good introduction to an idea that I have seen gaining some traction in recent years, and that is the relationship between culture and health. The book is simple and easy to read. In addition, I think it has some great practical advice concerning how to best promote health in today’s society.

Some of the examples used in the book are taken from my own observations and include examples of cultures such as those in northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sierra Leone. The book is not only a primer on the topic, but is also written with the knowledge and experience of health professionals in various fields. For example, the first chapter focuses on cultural differences in drug treatment, an issue that is quite common with many cultures, and which tends to be treated in a very simplistic manner by western doctors. However, by following the case studies and discussions in this book, readers will learn more about how cultural differences in treatment can actually cause some very serious problems.

Culture and Health

The second chapter focuses on culture and diabetes. There is general agreement among researchers that diabetes is a disease of modern society. However, there are still several ethnic groups that have little access to medical treatment. By following the case studies of one ethnic group, readers will get a good idea of what is happening in that particular culture, and why there are so few treatment options available to them. Even if someone in your own culture suffers from diabetes, by reading this book you may be able to offer assistance to another culture that shares some of the same concerns regarding health.

The third chapter in the Relationship Between Culture and Health focuses on the relationship between culture and spirituality. Two different spiritual paths – Christian and Buddhist – are described. These religions have been growing in popularity in recent years in America and elsewhere. The authors show that these religions can be compatible to health teachings and draw on information from the World Health Organization.

Final Chapter

The final chapter in the Relationship Between Culture and Health looks at how technology has influenced this relationship. In the past, American lifestyles were built around “Americanizing” foods – using preservatives and chemicals that were more commonly found in other countries. Technology, with computers, cell phones, and television has changed all of this. Today, people from other countries bring their own traditions and food to the table.

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