The glass used in hurricane impact windows is more resistant to breakage than regular glass, so it can withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris. The glass is made of tempered or laminated glass, which is a special type of safety glass that has been heated and treated to withstand the forces of extreme weather. However, this material is not indestructible and can break if sustained high winds exceed 70 miles per hour.

Will Hurricane Impact Windows Break?

The most important part of hurricane impact windows is the laminated glass that is the core of the window. The interlayer is made of vinyl material, typically polyvinyl butyral or SentryGlass Plus. This layer is inserted between two pieces of heat-strengthened glass, each many times thicker than a car windshield. Hurricane impact windows also have stronger frames made of tougher materials.

Will hurricane impact windows break

Although hurricane impact windows are not required in coastal areas, homeowners should still consider installing them in their homes if they are in a high-risk area Hurricane Impact Glass. In some places, building codes mandate the installation of hurricane-proof windows. But it is also possible to install hurricane-impact windows and doors without following a municipal mandate. You can even customize your windows to meet your own personal needs.

Hurricane impact windows are more expensive than standard windows. They require an expert installation team to be installed. Their high-quality hurricane glass, also known as laminated glass, is designed to withstand high winds and protect against wind-borne debris. Despite the higher cost, however, impact windows are still safer than standard windows.

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