Aluminum fencing simply is not as durable as vinyl. And while aluminum fences, such as vinyl, provide low care, the design and color selections for aluminum are extremely restricted. In case you’re looking for solitude, then you are not likely to receive it using aluminum fencing.

Aluminum Fence

Bufftech vinyl fencing is a great choice for aluminum fencing. Bufftech leads the sector in fashion colors and textures, providing you with endless choices for fencing design.

Cows, Pasture, Grazing, Hill, Grass

Practically maintenance-free

A Bufftech vinyl fencing requires less upkeep than aluminum fencing. Vinyl will not rust, peel, chip, rust, or blister. It never needs painting or sealing.

Complex styles, colors, and textures

Bufftech leads the fencing business with the broadest collection of styles, colors, and textures. certain and Select Cedar authentic woodgrain textures recreate WROUGHT IRON the appearance of pure wood fencing, whereas the CertaStucco fence provides an advanced alternative to conventional stucco walls. The Bufftech color palette comprises 9 solid colors and 4 mixed colors.

Bufftech is the sole vinyl manufacturer to provide ColorLast dark shade fade shade, an acrylic formula that offers superior protection against the harsh rays of sunlight.

Bufftech vinyl fencing is significantly more durable and more elastic than aluminum fencing, enabling it to absorb the effect from regular run-ins with lawnmowers and tree limbs.

Bufftech vinyl fencing products comprise a steel reinforced bottom rail to get a stronger, more rigid fencing, which lessens the odds of sagging or bowing.
Routed railings and fencing posts
Bufftech fence systems comprise precision-routed railings for safe, protected picket attachment and effortless assembly. Bufftech’s routed fence articles offer a secure link that allows for thermal growth season.

Concealed attachments

Each of Bufftech fence systems comprises precision-routed railings for safe, protected picket attachment and effortless assembly. Bufftech’s routed fence articles give secure connection which allows for thermal growth season.

Construction code compliant

Bufftech vinyl fencing is analyzed to the greatest standards for functionality.

Lifetime limited guarantee protection

SureStart covers justified replacement and repair costs – including labor – for five years following installation.

100 decades of quality goods, created in the U.S.A.
A much better value over time
Even though vinyl fencing may cost slightly more originally, vinyl is going to wind up costing significantly less than aluminum within the life span of their fence. If you calculate the price as including fence cost averaged over 20 decades and maintenance and repair expenses, vinyl fencing ends up costing much less.

Bufftech superior vinyl fencing offers functionality features that far exceed aluminum. Before picking choosing to the fence, compare the attributes most important to you personally with what aluminum fencing provides.

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