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A large percentage of all fatal electric shocks occur to people who should have known better. While a 10,000-volt shock is far more deadly than a 100-volt one, a shock of this magnitude can still kill someone. In fact, people have died after being electrocuted by appliances that use 110 volts or 42 volts of direct current. Any electrical device on a house wiring circuit can transmit a fatal current.

Shockingly Electricity Can Kill You!

High voltage and current are dangerous for humans. In fact, some researchers say that 42 volts are enough to kill a person. The time it takes for the current to reach the victim is just as critical. An electric circuit can travel through the heart, which it can cause heart fibrillation. Moreover, the high voltage does not necessarily mean a high current. If the current is too high, the electric shock can lead to death, which is the ultimate goal of any electrical device.

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Although there are various ways to prevent the electric current from killing a person, it is most common to kill yourself. JB Electrical Electromagnetic fields are extremely dangerous. High voltage shocks can cause fatal heart conditions. The voltage from an electrical outlet can kill a human in as little as 20 minutes. In addition, static electricity is harmless compared to this. Even a doorknob pop can cause 1,000 volts of current to enter the body.

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